Après les photos inédites des backstages et du show, la vidéo officielle du défilé est enfin disponible !

Si vous voulez vous replonger dans les profondeurs de la collection automne-hiver 2010-2011 d’On aura tout vu, suivez les poissons et laissez vous guider.

« Fishing for Compliments » out of the infinite ocean’s deepness there suddenly appears swirling fish and crustaceans. sea horses waltz with awkward jelly fish, and laugh at golden-wing evil sea-fans. the underwater life has no reason to think to the surface world, much less to envy it. down here a magic shadowy light is sparkling. what a crystalline beauty is this golden-haired nymph! the majestic little mermaid is covered with jewels: a thousand sea-stars and silver fish scales. seated on her horse head sea snake, the beauty is still seeking the love of her prince charming lost in nature’s furious storm. but what a pity: no song or charm of the aquatic venus reach the handsome argonaut. locked in her prison of sadness the divine turns into sea foam as her eternal soul is gone. the sunset on the surface is painting everything in ochre tender colours. and yet here comes a wave to sweep the shore. Under the torrential rain, the ocean sparkles with a thousand lights.