KRISTIAN_SCHULLER_125_ESCAPE_COVER by on aura tout vuKRISTIAN_SCHULLER_125_ESCAPE_on aura tout vuKRISTIAN_SCHULLER_125_ESCAPE_LAYOUT_2011_07_09_SRGB by on aura tout vuKRISTIAN_SCHULLER_125 on aura tout vuKRISTIAN_SCHULLER_125_ESCAPE by on aura tout vu paris125 Magazine

Weighing in at 324 pages this is the biggest ever issue and is a brilliant snapshot of the creative trends influencing photography, fashion art and design in 2011. Escape is set to become a highly sought after collectors item with a simple theme interpreted in a variety of ways by Andy Eaton, Bryce Pincham, Cat Garcia, Donald Christie, Frank Bauer, Greg Sorensen, Jason Hetherington, Jason Pietra, John Gripenholm, Kent BaKer, Kristian Schuller, Lara Jade, Laroache Brothers, Max Oppenheim, Nicole Nodland, Perry Curties, Revenge Is Sweet, Rick Guest, Tim Zaragoza, Uli Webber, Yossi Michaeli………

In side  important retrospectives with artist Sir Peter Blake; Lady Gaga’s creative director Nicola Formichetti; Livia Stoianova  and Yassen Samouilov from on aura tout vu/accessories on the cover/ and the Paolo Roversi; plus blogger Susie Bubble, Brian ‘BDI’ Dowling and Hans Ulrich Obrist.

Thank you  Peggy xxxxlove from all on aura tout vu staff.